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Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures are dentures that are required when there is no other choice but to extract your natural remaining teeth.  They’re called Immediate Dentures because they are required to allow you to eat and nourish your body.


With Immediate Dentures, your Denturist will formulate an end to end plan prior to performing the extractions of your natural teeth, so that there is no gap in between where you will be without teeth.  This is reassuring for our patients who are concerned about the embarrassment of being ‘toothless’ for any amount of time.


The process begins with your Denturist making impressions of your existing teeth and gums.  These impressions will then be used to model your new dentures.  During this process you can request aesthetic changes to how your natural teeth look, providing those changes are safe.

More About Immediate Dentures

As noted, in many cases, your Denturist can make slight aesthetic changes provided they won’t have a negative impact on your bite (in other words, your ability to properly chew your food).  It’s important to keep in mind that the first priority should always be the structural integrity of your new dentures, otherwise your ability to chew and even swallow properly can be impeded.


Post-extraction, there is a healing period where your gums and bone may change size and shape.  It’s vital to follow all post-operative instructions from your Dental Surgeon/Denturist to prevent infection and improper healing.  You may also be fitted with temporary linings or tissue conditions that will help ensure your new dentures will fit properly.


Once healing is complete, your Denturist will make any final changes to your dentures, or in some cases fabricate new dentures for your final and exact fit.

Post Operative Instruction and Care

1.- 24 hours after extraction, remove and clean dentures with a denture cleaner.
2.- Rinse mouth with warm (salt water) solution to promote healing.
3.- Expect swelling and discomfort.
4.- Take medication (if any prescribed).
5.- Eat a high calorie, soft diet.
6.- It takes 1-6 weeks for your extraction sites to heal sufficiently to allow the placement of a temporary liner called a “tissue conditioner”.
7.- Once the tissue has completely healed (which may take everywhere from six months to one year, only then should a permanent reline be done. This service is not included in the cost of the denture.

Advantage Of Treatment

Immediate dentures are a great option to prevent you going out in public without teeth.  An immediate denture is usually placed right after extractions are completed. Immediate dentures control bleeding and protect gum tissue.

It is important to keep the denture in place for at least 24 hours after extractions were done.  Once you take your denture out, rinse it carefully under cold water,  gently rinse your mouth with warm water before placing the denture back in your mouth.

After teeth are extracted, the soft, sensitive parts of your mouth will experience some soreness. Normally, it takes about 30 days to heal and get used to wearing new dentures.

Removing your dentures at night is the healthiest thing to do! It is important to give gums and other mouth tissues a chance to rest.  By removing your dentures you will also prevent bacterial agents to develop in your mouth.

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